5G development has achieved results!By the end of the year, there will be more than 600,000 5G base stations nationwide

With the gradual maturity of my country’s 5G industry ecology. As of March 26, 2020, there are 76 types of 5G mobile phone products in my country, with a cumulative shipment of more than 26 million units, of which more than 13 million units will be shipped in 2020. Liu Hong, vice president of vivo, said that vivo successively released three 5G mobile phones, iQOO3, NEX 3S, and Z6 after the Spring Festival, and the sales of 5G products were outstanding.

It was learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the 31st that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the progress of 5G network construction. It is expected that the number of 5G base stations nationwide will exceed 600,000 by the end of the year, achieving continuous outdoor coverage in prefecture-level cities, key coverage in counties and towns, and indoor coverage in key scenarios.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it supports basic telecommunications companies to target 5G independent networking, control the scale of non-independent networking, accelerate network construction in major cities, and gradually extend coverage to key counties and towns where conditions permit, while increasing base station site resources. support.

Experts believe that my country’s 5G integration applications need to be transformed from single-point applications to large-scale applications as soon as possible. “It is necessary to connect 5G, big data, etc. with the digital economy, build a city-level data center, and realize the digitization of various industries.” Zheng Yu, chief data scientist of JD Digital Technology Group, said that JD Digital is promoting the smart city operating system. Build intelligent applications on the platform to help industrial development.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that it will encourage basic telecommunications companies to promote 5G terminal consumption and accelerate user migration to 5G through measures such as package upgrade discounts and credit purchases. Integrated application innovation in various industries and fields.

In recent years, my country’s 5G development has achieved remarkable results. As of the end of February, 164,000 5G base stations had been constructed and opened nationwide. It is time to speed up the construction of 5G network and enrich application scenarios.

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