Continue to lead the dynamic defense: Together with the strategy of China Power Investment Corporation, Weida Information completed tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing

In April, Beijing Weida Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Weida Information) officially announced the completion of tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing. Investment institutions include: State Power Investment Corporation, Beibian Capital, etc. This financing is another round of strategic financing completed by Weida Information after obtaining investment from the National High-tech Industrial Fund and Jiangsu Suoquan Fund in June 2019.

Weida Information is a new generation of network security technology innovation manufacturers focusing on energy, government, military and other key infrastructure units. The core team has more than 15 years of experience in network security product research and development, market expansion and security services. Provide network security products and industry solutions that are “defensible, unbreakable, and won”.

Continue to lead the network security dynamic defense track, and strive to improve national security capabilities

As a domestic security manufacturer that has successfully raised financing with “dynamic defense”, Zhang Changhe, chairman of Weida Information, said: “Dynamic defense and active defense are the inevitable choices for China’s network security, and they are also the only opportunity to surpass foreign headwinds and turn around. Subverting traditional security, enterprises Only with innovative genes can we break the pattern of attacking the strong and defending the weak and continue to lead the new track!”

Zhang Changhe, chairman of Weida Information, created a new security defense technology system from the perspective of hacker attack based on his twenty-year exploration in the field of attack. Since the successful launch of dynamic defense products at the network layer in 2015, it has now served hundreds of important national institutions such as energy, government, military and military industries, and the single product sales have exceeded 50 million. The overall dynamic defense solution launched in 2020 has accelerated the application and deployment of Weida’s dynamic defense technology in all walks of life, and improved the network security capabilities of user units.

Break the shackles of the traditional security defense system and truly realize dynamic defense and active defense

The current international situation is changing and the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading abroad. On May 9, the United States declared a state of national emergency for the first time due to a cyber security incident. The importance of cyber security has become more and more prominent. A tug-of-war between passive and active, control and countermeasures.

In my country’s “Classified Protection 2.0” and “Three Chemicals and Six Defenses”, the direction of national network security has long been pointed out. If we want to truly realize “active defense” and “dynamic defense”, we should not build new ideas on the old system, but should focus on technology. Innovate at the level, apply active defense and dynamic defense technology in the research and development of a new generation of products, and change the current traditional defense system from the genetic level.

Join hands with State Power Investment Corporation to deepen the energy industry and help the development of national energy security

The injection of capital such as State Power Investment Corporation provides a strategic blessing for Weida Information to deeply cultivate the energy industry market. WeiDa Information’s current dynamic defense overall solution has been successfully used in many key basic units involving national network security, such as State Grid, National Energy Group, Huadian Group, China Southern Power Grid, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Nuclear Corporation. In the real offensive and defensive drills, the defensive effect is remarkable, and the annual repurchase volume of users increases. The help of capital will speed up the comprehensive penetration of Weida Information in the energy industry, and will also lay the foundation for building an energy security ecosystem in the future.

Weida Information stated that this financing will continue to increase investment in disruptive technological innovation and product upgrades, accelerate the introduction of high-quality talents, optimize corporate governance structure, and enhance corporate brand influence. In 2021, the focus will be on industrial control and energy industries. Expand the scope of the market, closely unite with partners, and make unremitting efforts to improve the national network security capability and build a new generation of security ecosystem.

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