Lenovo Smart China Tour: Lenovo’s Commercial IoT New Product Launch Conference Successfully Concluded

On May 8, 2020, “Lenovo Smart China Tour: Lenovo Commercial IoT New Product Launch Conference” ended successfully in Beijing.

This conference is Lenovo’s first attempt in China, which aims to reveal how Lenovo’s intelligent IoT and industry upgrades will integrate and develop under the new infrastructure. At the meeting, Lenovo brought five smart IoT devices and two smart scene solutions to the collective appearance, showing the intelligent achievements in application scenarios in many industries such as retail, transportation, construction, and catering. In addition, Lenovo’s intelligent IoT industry ecological recruitment has also been officially opened, sharing Lenovo’s intelligent transformation experience with customers and ecological partners, accelerating the digitalization process of cooperative enterprises, and promoting the intelligent IoT to truly enter thousands of industries.

Liu Zheng, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Commercial Key Accounts in China, Wang Lei, General Manager of Lenovo China Commercial Solutions Center, Huang Universe, Product Manager of Lenovo Key Account Commercial Solutions Center, Jiang Wei, Senior Manager of Lenovo Commercial IoT Solutions BD, And Xu Xiaojing, senior manager of Lenovo’s commercial AR/VR/SO solution BD, attended the conference, and explained the development trend of the intelligent IoT industry in the new infrastructure era, and shared the successful experience of Lenovo’s exploration. Through a steady and steady development model, we plan a bright future for Lenovo’s partners.

Live broadcast is brilliant

At 16:05 in the afternoon, Liu Zheng, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Commercial Key Accounts in China, kicked off the conference and shared with the audience Lenovo’s thinking and layout in the field of intelligent IoT under the wave of new infrastructure construction.

Lenovo Smart China Tour: Lenovo’s Commercial IoT New Product Launch Conference Successfully Concluded

Liu Zheng, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Commercial Key Accounts in China (Image source: Lenovo)

Liu Zheng said: “Lenovo will take intelligent IoT devices and industrial ecology as a breakthrough, and work with industry partners to explore new paths for digital and intelligent transformation, find future-oriented intelligent upgrade solutions, and help China’s economy get out of the predicament of the epidemic. Warming up and creating new value.”

At 16:10, Wang Lei, general manager of Lenovo China Commercial Solutions Center, shared the theme of “Intelligent IoT Innovation, Building a New Intelligent Ecology of the Industry”.

Wang Lei, General Manager of Lenovo China Business Solutions Center (Image source: Lenovo)

In Wang Lei’s view, Lenovo has transformed from a world-leading personal PC provider to a solution provider. Lenovo can not only continue to provide the best computing equipment and solutions to meet office needs, but also launch a new generation of IoT computing equipment and solutions based on equipment intelligence other than office automation, industrial production line intelligence, and process intelligence. plan. Lenovo is taking the intelligent IoT as the starting point to build a new ecosystem of industrial intelligence.

At 16:20, Huang Yuxing, product manager of Lenovo’s major customer commercial solution center, Jiang Wei, senior manager of Lenovo’s commercial IoT solution BD, and Xu Xiaojing, Lenovo’s commercial AR/VR/SO solution BD senior manager, brought Lenovo’s five major smart devices. , The collective appearance of two smart scene solutions opened everyone’s eyes.

Five smart devices, two smart scene solutions, all kinds of high-quality products

The current society is entering a stage of intelligent development of all things, intelligence has become ubiquitous, and data has not only grown exponentially, but its forms have become increasingly diverse. In this conference, focusing on typical scenarios such as industrial inspections and smart conference rooms, Lenovo released Lenovo AR/VR solutions and Smart Office solutions, which have comprehensive functions and provide users with great convenience.

In addition, Lenovo also released industrial computing equipment ECI-430, edge computing board ECB-PR70, edge computing gateway ECG-AR70, embedded computing equipment ECE-233, and edge sensing terminal ECS-930. Five smart IoT devices. Through exploration and practice in the field of edge computing, Lenovo integrates software and hardware at different levels to form a hardware platform that truly and effectively solves the corresponding problems under application scenarios.

At the same time, Lenovo also launched the “Lenovo Commercial IOT Device Product Trial Program”. As long as users complete the survey questionnaire on Lenovo Commercial’s official website and put forward test requirements, products and application scenarios, they will receive professional contact support. Lenovo will open this trial program to all partners and end users.

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