The new iPhone 12 concept is coming!Classic design returns

Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series have only been on sale for a few months. Recently, Ming-Chi Kuo, the strongest Apple analyst on the surface, has started a new round of iPhone 12 design and new function predictions. These predictions of the teacher have designed a new iPhone 12 concept map. Now let’s take a look at what changes?

The new iPhone 12 concept is coming!Classic design returns

△The classic design of the iPhone 4 will return

Mr. Guo’s prediction pointed out that next year’s iPhone 12 will bring new changes in appearance, returning to the classic metal middle frame design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 ten years ago, and no longer using the rounded design of the iPhone X. Xiao V personally likes this design very much. Not to mention the feel, the metal back shell will also make the iPhone more durable, unlike glass, which will shatter once it is dropped.

In fact, from the iPad Pro released last year, we can see that Apple’s style of appearance design has begun to change, and it has become a chamfered design. In order to unify the overall product style, the appearance of the iPhone 12 is very likely and will be Bringing new changes, this square aesthetic design is expected to cover Apple’s products across the board.

△iPhone 12 uses narrower and smaller bangs

Some time ago, it was reported that next year’s iPhone will reduce or remove the classic big bangs design, and even screen suppliers revealed that Apple is currently actively developing screens without bangs, but I think it will be difficult for Apple to reduce or remove bangs in a short period of time. The bangs are removed. Judging from the development of the iPhone, the first thing we will see is that the bangs become narrower or smaller, and finally it will evolve to the design without bangs, because this is the improvement habit of the iPhone.

In addition, it is also reported that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with in-screen fingerprint technology, and Touch ID will coexist with the existing Face ID. The advantage of the under-screen fingerprint is that the screen can be unlocked without waiting for the iPhone to turn on, which is more convenient and faster than the existing Face ID.

△iPhone 12 may use a four-lens design

We all know that Apple has continuously invested a lot of resources in the AR field in recent years, and the AR field will be the focus of Apple’s development in the future. According to Mr. Guo’s analysis report, the iPhone 12 will add a fourth ToF lens, which can improve the performance of portrait shooting and realize AR-related applications.

The full name of ToF is “Time-of-Flight”, the so-called “time-of-flight ranging sensing”, which sounds very technical. Simply put, it is to use ToF to calculate the light, Infrared, laser reflection time, can also calculate the distance between the object and the emission source, used to construct a 3D scene.

If this technology is used on a mobile phone, the iPhone can also track the actual space in real time, and can quickly create a more accurate 3D picture. Combined with Apple’s self-developed AR technology, it can finally achieve a very interesting 3D animation effect. The real world creates more novel experiences.

△Rose gold and obsidian black color matching may return

Rose gold can be said to be a more classic color scheme for the iPhone, but since the launch of the iPhone 7 series, this color scheme has disappeared on the iPhone and has become the gold color on the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro series.

Now many fruit fans are also looking forward to the return of these classic color schemes, and if rose gold and obsidian black can return again, we also expect a new midnight blue color scheme, so that the existing high-end iPhones have richer color schemes.

I think that for many Apple users, it is relatively powerless to expect a new iPhone model. After all, Apple has indeed been weak in innovation in recent years. At this stage, 5G can be used, the price is more affordable, and iOS If the 13 system is a little more aggressive, then even the iPhone 12 without new design and new highlights will be very popular.

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