Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

The ever-changing intelligent technology of automobiles is continuing to enrich the connotation of automobiles as mobile tools, rapidly iterating the relationship and interactive experience between people and vehicles. With the launch of Geely Xingyue L, Yikatong Technology, which is committed to “making smart travel drive a better life”, is also exploring the “new relationship between people and vehicles”. With its rich accumulation and keen insight, it provides A new paradigm for human-vehicle interaction. Relying on breakthroughs in the dimensions of computing power, vehicle control, voice, interaction, ecology, etc., Yikatong Technology three-dimensionally empowers the Xingyue L intelligent cockpit system – Geely Galaxy OS, which not only helps Geely build a cross-domain integration and scene-driven system. The whole vehicle intelligent control center opens up broader possibilities for future product adaptation and function upgrade iterations.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

“Fully equipped” hardware to build a powerful computing power base

Although the Xingyue L is a fuel vehicle, its cockpit field has the hard-core strength to compete with mainstream electric vehicles: the 3rd generation Qualcomm Snapdragon TM automotive digital cockpit platform – Qualcomm Snapdragon TM8155 chip in Xingyue Large-scale loading has been achieved on the L. As the first car-grade digital cockpit SoC built with 7nm process, the CPU and GPU computing power of this chip reach 105K DMIPS and 1000 GFLPOS respectively, while being smaller in size, lower in heat generation, faster and more stable in computing and data transmission .

As we all know, the configuration and performance of automotive-grade products are often weaker than mobile phones of the same period due to higher requirements on stability and safety. In order to give full play to the performance of the 8155 chip, the Xingyue L is equipped with up to 12G of running memory – equivalent to the level of today’s flagship mobile phones. The hardware level of “full configuration” has laid a solid foundation for the breakthrough interaction ability and ecological environment of Xingyue L.

However, the hardware advantages of Xingyue L are not limited to computing power, but also the “penetration” of computing power. The GEEA2.0 Electronic and electrical architecture used by the Xingyue L opens up more than 1,300 signal interfaces and more than 170 vehicle control functions for the intelligent cockpit system. Users can give full play to or control the functions provided by the body hardware such as sensors, cameras, and microphones through the cockpit interface, which not only realizes a deep digital immersion experience, but also makes the OTA iteration of the smart cockpit full of imagination.

Speak straight, create a new path for voice interaction

Thanks to the powerful computing power support and self-developed voice and semantic edge computing solutions, Yikatong Technology has deeply empowered the “short-path” voice interaction experience of Xingyue L, and created a more convenient and more user-friendly new voice interaction experience. The local intelligent voice function of Xingyue L is comparable to the cloud voice function in terms of semantic processing effect. With the support of the information preloading strategy, the intelligent cockpit of Xingyue L always gives priority to local analysis, information call, reply and execution of the voice commands of the driver and passengers, which not only minimizes the influence of network instability on the interaction effect , which also maximizes the confidentiality of user privacy and greatly improves the response speed of voice interaction.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

After the “main driver geek mode” of Xingyue L is turned on, the main driver can enjoy full-time wake-up-free voice interaction. The intelligent cockpit system, through full-time monitoring and real-time analysis of the main driver’s voice, not only avoids the frequent and repeated “wake-up” steps in voice interaction, but also keeps only meaningful commands in reply. For example, “turn on the air conditioner to 23 degrees”, “check the air tickets from Beijing to Hangzhou below 1,000 yuan”, “recommend the most popular French food in Hangzhou” and other complex sentences with variables, the system can also respond quickly.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

Yikatong Technology also customized the four-sound zone anti-interference pickup function for the spacious interior space of Xingyue L. No matter where the occupant sits in the car, the system can precisely capture their commands and execute seat-related commands such as “open the window” with precision. In addition, Yigatong Technology also provides up to 10 real-life panoramic pronunciations for the smart cockpit of Xingyue L, making the time in the car interesting and predictable.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

Free and smooth, expand new ways of information flow

In order to give full play to the rich hardware functions of Xingyue L and create a more immersive car experience for users, Yikatong Technology has also made positive attempts in touch interaction and information flow. In the cockpit “giant screen” consisting of a 25.6-inch AR-HUD, a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, a 12.3-inch central control touch screen, and a 12.3-inch co-pilot exclusive touch screen, users can slide The smooth interaction of information, navigation and entertainment functions between the instrumentation, the central control screen, and the co-driver screen can also be realized by sliding two fingers on the central control screen to realize the split-screen function and realize the three-dimensional linkage function.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

At the same time, in order to allow users to operate the car control functions more intuitively, Yikatong Technology uses the powerful GPU performance of the 8155 chip to realize real-time 3D rendering of air conditioners, seats and other functions on the central control screen of Xingyue L. interface. This interface can greatly reduce the learning cost of users when they contact the product, and realize the intuitive operation experience of “visible and controllable”.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the exclusive touch screen provided by Xingyue L for the co-pilot has rich applications and entertainment functions, which can make the co-pilot full of fun during long-distance travel. In addition to regular video and listening to music, this screen is equipped with an exclusive independent audio channel, which allows the co-pilot to enjoy the private entertainment space after connecting the Bluetooth headset, and does not affect the audio playback of the main driver and the car. At the same time, the co-pilot can also realize the “navigator” function through this screen. In the process of driving, if the main driver is inconvenient to set the navigation, the co-driver can directly send the searched navigation information to the central control screen through the screen in front of him to ensure driving safety.

Matrix ecology, creating personalized and intelligent travel space

Adhering to the concept of “interconnection, co-creation, openness and sharing”, Yikatong Technology continues to expand the application ecosystem and build a more immersive matrix application experience for users. The Xingyue L’s intelligent cockpit system focuses on four vertical applications of “speaking, listening, watching, and playing”, providing a rich experience that fully meets users’ daily travel needs and adapts to users’ entertainment habits. Many music applications such as iquTing, Kuwo, Kugou, Himalaya, etc.; video applications such as Volcano Entertainment, bilibili, Tencent Video, iQiyi; entertainment applications such as Hip Hop Kupao, Horse Ride Tour, etc. On the car machine, it has been launched one after another, allowing users to enjoy and play.

At the same time, Xingyue L’s smart cockpit also integrates Tencent Car Link TAI3.0, which contains more than 60 small program ecosystems, which can realize a seamless and intelligent experience of car use in all scenarios. At the same time, the cockpit also supports the in-vehicle version of the WeChat application. In order to ensure the driving safety of drivers, the in-vehicle version of WeChat can be operated through voice interaction and buttons on the steering wheel to realize WeChat message broadcast and reply, view unread messages, send messages and voice call functions.

Yikatong Technology empowers Xingyue L intelligent cockpit Geely Galaxy OS to build Geely vehicle intelligent control center

In addition, Xingyue L’s smart cockpit system also has the same rapid iteration capability as smart electric vehicles: through the combination of FOTA vehicle software upgrade + SOTA car entertainment system upgrade, it brings users a continuously optimized smart cockpit experience.

Through the integration of software and hardware capabilities, Yikatong Technology has built a smart engine for automobile evolution, helping Xingyue L to build a highly competitive intelligent cockpit experience. Facing the future, Yikatong Technology will not stop exploring the new “human-vehicle relationship”, and will lead the innovative development of cockpit experience with forward-looking interactive insights and continuous technical investment, bringing users more intelligence and more personality. A streamlined travel experience.

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